Spectacle de Poche

Condensed juggling

The Pocket Performance is a collection of juggling acts, made for small spaces. In a real small theater, balls, clubs, rings and other less usual props will spring to let you discover a rich and diverse form of art.

The Pocket Performance was performed more than 100 times between 2010 and 2014.

Les Objets Volants: Pocket Performance


  • Juggling, object manipulation, text, programming : Denis Paumier and Sylvain Garnavault
  • Soundtrack : Denis Paumier

Technical requirements

  • opening : 3m
  • depth : 2,5m
  • height under ceiling : 2,6m
  • one electric plug 230V/16A
  • setup : 4h
  • taking down : 1h
  • Duration: 1 hour, other versions available
Les Objets Volants: Spectacle de Poche

Tinqueux, mai 2011

Rizaucourt, octobre 2010

Les Objets Volants: Spectacle de Poche

Hautecour, mai 2012

Niort-la-Fontaine, mai 2012