Where can you find pillow trees? In a child bedroom, or in a garden, or somewhere between. And between, there is an imaginary yard where balls and bolsters fly for the best or the worse. "Pouf!" makes the ball when it crashes in the juggler's hand or... on the floor. Unless it's the big bolster hit that you are taking... or giving?

Between softness and violence, between «pillow-fight» et «mellow passing», Pouf explores the contradictions in juggling and balance with soft props.

Pouf was perform more than 50 times between september 2009 and september 2011.

Les Objets Volants: Pouf


  • Juggling, manipulation: Denis Paumier, Sylvain Garnavault and Fanny Jeannin
  • Artistic consultant, stage direction: Christian Lucas
  • Scenography, costume design: Gingolph Gateau
  • Light design: Hervé Lonchamp and Solenn Aubert
  • Sound design: Denis Paumier and lowZ
  • Production manager: Fanny Griffon
  • Graphics: Hélène Paris and Emmanuel Perez
  • Construction of the pillow-tree: William Noblet
Les Objets Volants: Pouf


Les Objets Volants, La Brèche (Cherbourg), La Batoude (Beauvais)
With support of Région Champagne Ardenne, DRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Département de la Marne, Centre Culturel Léo Lagrange (Amiens), La Forgerie (Wassy), Ville de Reims, Commune de Gueux, TRAC/Jonglissimo

Technical requirements

Performance venue with sound and light systems, curtains legs and tier.
Stage dimensions :
width 8m + wings, depth 8m, height 5m
Lights : 60 spotlights

Duration : 65min.