Les Objets Volants have organised many workshops since 2000, for all kinds of audiences : children, adult, beginner and professional.

Our most common workshops are:

- workshops before / after a performance. We make a practical session on how to juggle three balls, or meet the audience to talk about why and how the show is made. Audience can be beginners, the workshop can be one hour or two. All our performances can be completed with meetings and teaching, that bring more understanding and exchanges between audiences and artists.

- week-end workshops, for a total of ten hours. The participants preferably have basic juggling skills beforehand, to be able to follow a two days progression. We can offer various approaches of technical or artistic questions.

- long workshops, for several days in a row, according to the number of participants and their juggling skill level. The content can be a general approach of the juggling as we practise, or a help for participants to develop their own researches.

- lectures about mathematics and juggling. These lectures are designed for high school or college students, or for any person who is interested in relations between science and art.

We also listen to your ideas; feel free to tell us about them.