Les Objets Volants

jonglage de l'espace


Former students in Académie Fratellini, these five artists have created this act under the direction of Denis Paumier. Their work is at the same time a subtile visual architecture and a great demonstration of virtuosity. It's a hypnotic ballet where the eye and the mind are constantly challenged, where geometry and manipulation conjugate with light to create a strange charm.
Les Objets Volants : Dropline - numéro de jonglage avec balles au Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde
This act received a silver medal and a price from City of Paris in Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, 2012. It was featured in the famous TV show Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde in 2016.
This act was originally part of the show Liaison Carbone.

Cast :

Jonathan Lardillier, Jonas Beauvais, Malte Peter, Olli Vuorinen, Thomas Aknine (in the part created by Nicolas Longuechaud)
Direction : Denis Paumier